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Why Autumn is the Best Time to Travel

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Autumn is a great time of year for many reasons – the sun still shines, the weather is crisp and the landscape displays an abundance of colour. Whilst many of us like to explore new places in the summer, autumn is becoming increasingly popular. In our latest post, we discuss the benefits of planning your excursions through autumn.

Fewer Queues

Due to summer being the most popular time for people to visit new places, autumn brings with it a quieter period that also means you’ll spend less time queuing and more time viewing the landmarks you plan to see.

The quieter periods also mean you’ll have more chance to do things at the last minute, should your plans change.

Changing Landscapes

Autumn has been regarded as the prettiest of all seasons, when each leaf shows different stages of its life cycle, with colours of green, yellow red, orange and brown. The most common photos you will see of any landmark are those taken in summer, but the changing landscape of autumn can present things in a completely fresh light.


The weather of autumn can be extremely pleasant. Whilst being crisp and cool, autumn sees many dry and sunny days which are great for exploring in. You’re not at risk at becoming too hot as your walk around your favourite sights, but needn’t carry a heavy coat to keep you warm.

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