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Travel in Comfort With Our Top Travel Tips

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For some people, travelling is a great adventure that they can’t wait to embark on. For others, the thought of being stuck in one confined space whilst they wait to arrive at their destination fills them with dread. Here at Guideline Coaches Ltd, we have put together some top travel tips for your next coach journey, ensuring maximum comfort.

Travel Pillow

If you’re planning to sleep during your coach journey, our first top travel tip is to pack a travel pillow, or two. Many people put their travel pillow behind their heads, but this doesn’t stop your head from falling forwards and leaving you with a huge ache when you wake up. Place your travel pillow at the front of your head, or if you find it easier to sleep with your head to one side, position your pillow at the side of your neck, with one on the other side for maximum comfort and support.


Headphones are great for travelling and mean you don’t have to disrupt your fellow travellers whilst you listen to some music, put on a podcast, or sleep to some relaxing sounds.

Bring Slippers

This tip may sound slightly odd. However, if your coach trip will last more than a few hours, having your feet bunched up in tight shoes will not be comfortable. If you’d rather not wear slippers, slip your feet into some sliders.

Layer Clothing

Layering your clothing, rather than wearing one big jacket or coat will mean that you can dress or undress if the temperature of the coach fluctuates. Further to this, layering your clothing will mean that you can free up some room in your suitcase and take more items with you.

These top travel tips are certainly not exhaustive and if you’re travelling a long way, you’re likely to want to bring a few home comforts with you, be it a blanket or a hot water bottle. At Guideline Coaches Ltd, we strive to ensure you arrive at your journey feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is why we have onboard DVD players, refreshments and lots of legroom. Call our team to book your trip with us today.

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