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Top 4 Winter Activities in the UK

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Winter in the UK is often a time when many of us stay in, save money and avoid going outside at any cost. However, winter doesn’t have to be a time to hibernate, there are hundreds of great winter activities to get stuck into and many of them are only available during the winter! If anything, winter is the perfect time to get your friends and family together on an excursion and experience something that is enhanced by our iconic British winter weather.

We’ve put together some of the UK’s best winter activities so you’ll be sure to find a reason to get out this season.

Magic Lantern Festival

The Magic Lantern Festival returns, gracing London’s iconic Chiswick house once more and they’ve promised a display of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in a stunning luminous world of nature, animals and Chinese architecture and experience a show like no other. To mark the Chinese year of the monkey, a Mount Huaguo lantern will be present providing a beautiful setting for a glowing interpretation of the Chinese folk tale The Monkey King.

Woodland Survival Crafts

Fancy yourself as the next Bear Grylls? Woodland Survival Crafts is one of the highlights of our winter activities as it immerses you into mother nature. It’s great for family days out or an educational trip for schools as there’s something for everyone. You’ll leave with a number of helpful and necessary skills such as shelter building, campfire making, wild food tasting and many other great survival skills.

Xscape Snozone

Skiing isn’t instantly associated with the UK but it’s becoming increasingly popular and is one of the more intense and adrenaline-fuelled options from our winter activities. Whether you’re an expert on the slopes or a first-timer, you’ll get the perks of the mountain peaks without leaving the UK!

Natural Hot Baths

Bath, Somerset is the only place within the UK that features natural hot springs, heated by the core of the earth. Spend the day exploring the ancient Roman baths dating back to 60AD, then book yourself into the Thermae bath spa and wind down in the open-air rooftop pool.

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