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Our Top Tips for a Coach Holiday

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If you’ve been considering booking a coach trip in the new year, you will be able to explore new places in the UK and even around Europe, and kick off the new decade in style! Although a coach trip is a great way to explore without having to plan your route, Guideline Coaches have some tips to make your journey even better so you can have a stress free trip!


Pack well and, if possible, as light as you can! If you can use a suitcase with wheels, even better. You will want to make moving your luggage around with you as easy as possible, and reduce your stress as to where your belongings are. It is advised to have a backpack on your person for your essentials and travel documents so that you can quickly hop off the coach for excursions and little detours without having to trawl through your luggage.

Comfort is key!

You will be sitting down for a short while on your coach in between stops, then will get up to walk around. Choose comfortable clothing that will remain comfortable for the duration, and wear layers in case you get too warm or the temperature cools in the evenings. Make sure your footwear is practical for walking too.

Travel Essentials


If you would like to rest or are travelling through the night, pack a rollable blanket, earplugs and potentially an eye mask to help avoid disrupting your sleep.

Food and Drink

If there are large gaps in between stops or your coach trip will take a while, plan ahead and bring plenty of food, snacks and water with you. A few suitable light bites will be sustenance to keep you going and stop you from tiring out.

For When You Stop

Prepare for all weather with appropriate clothing and accessories. Take some money with you, and even some loose change for souvenirs or coffee. Research the areas you will stop in before you arrive, so you will know where to go and what to do and won’t end up wandering around aimlessly in any of the beautiful places you will see!


If you are not staying over anywhere, bring small refreshing hygiene products with you, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, and a deodorant to keep you feeling refreshed!


Bring something to read, watch or play while you are sat on the coach to pass some of the time! Don’t forget to bring all your chargers or portable charging device!

Guideline Coaches

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