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The Best Travel Blogs to Read on a Coach

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Sure, you could watch a film, have a nap or plug yourself into some headphones, but if you’re looking for some inspiration or top tips whilst you’re off on your adventure, now is a great time to buff up on some travel blogs.

Whether you’re off on a solo adventure, looking to find the best local places to eat and drink or want insights from those that have embarked on a specific style of travelling such as backpacking, there’s something out there for everyone. At guideline Coaches, we run a plethora of tours and excursions throughout the year and have met thousands of people travelling for a wide variety of reasons. In our latest blog post, we discuss some of the best travel blogs out there to assist in your adventure.

For Budget Travel

Everyone loves a bargain, right? And if you can travel the world for $50 dollars a day, that’s quite a feat. Nomadic Matt has made a career out of travelling on a budget and shares his insights in his self-created blog.

Hostel World also offers great tips for those looking to save or even make money as they travel.

Best for Solo Travel

The self-titled website solo traveller world features a wide range of tips for those travelling alone. Whether you’re concerned about getting homesick, where to eat or staying safe throughout your journey, this blog has it covered.

Another insightful read for solo travellers is Miss Filatelista a female solo traveller that has an interesting section on her site named “Responsible Travel Challenge” where she posts her tops tips garnered from her experience of travelling around the world as a female by herself.

Best for Backpackers

Backpacking comes with its own set of challenges and there is a myriad of backpacking blogs and Instagram accounts that you can browse whilst on your travels. The little Backpacker and Tales of a Backpacker offer their own unique insights from their experiences, with top tips and planning tips.

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