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Packing for a Coach Trip

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The weather is warming up and if you’re travelling, you’ll need to pack savvy. In the latest blog post from Guideline Coaches Ltd, we take a look at top tips for packing for your next coach trip.


If you are only embarking on a day trip, you might find it easier to take a canvas bag with you, instead of a heavier satchel or handbag. A canvas bag will fold away easily when you no longer need it and is strong enough to store multiple items.

Comfortable Shoes

Although you won’t be doing much walking around on the coach, it is likely that you will be once you arrive at your destination. What’s more, shoes that allow your feet to breathe whilst you travel will help you remain comfortable and cool on long haul trips.


If you’re travelling for many hours on a coach, you might want to catch up on some sleep. If you plan to sleep on your trip, remember to take a comfortable blackout blindfold and some earplugs. You may also want a neck pillow. Many use the neck pillow to support the back of their neck, however, you may want to move it round to the front of your neck to stop your head falling forward as your travel.

Personal Items

After many hours of travelling, you can begin to feel like you want to freshen up. Items such as face wipes, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo and a deodorant can make a huge difference to the way you feel and are all light and small enough to take with you easily.

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