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Best Places to Visit in Europe

An image of Europe, showing some of the best places to visit.

Here at Guideline Coaches Ltd, we have been helping individuals embark on trips across the UK and Europe for many years. In our latest blog post, we’ve put together just a few of the best places to visit in Europe.

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

The Parthenon in Athens is considered to be one of the most influential buildings in classic architecture. Dating back to the fifth century BC, the Parthenon is supported by 46 Doric columns. There’s a good reason millions of people visit the Acropolis every year.

Pamukkale, Turkey

One of the most beautiful sights in Pamukkale is the mineral-rich waters which flow down the white travertine terraces. The steps sit alongside the ancient city of Hierapolis and are easily accessible for travellers. The surreal site of these steps is sure to get you snapping multiple photos and the sun shines through the crystal clear, blue waters.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn in Switzerland is quite a sight to behold, rising to a height of 4,478 meters. First summited just over 150 years ago by a team which was led by Edward Whymper, the mountain should only be climbed by extremely experienced climbers. Admire the mountain, shaped like a jagged tooth, from the pristine resort of Zermatt. There are also a wide variety of attractions surrounding the Matterhorn, including the Gornergrat. On this three-thousand-metre mountain ridge, you will find a dedicated viewing platform that will give you unforgettable views of the Matterhorn and the surrounding landscape.

The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road in Norway certainly differs from your average A-road. Surrounded by inky waters and dramatic mountains, the road links several stunning rocky islands between Molde and Kristiansund in the western fjords. When travelling on this road, you may even be lucky enough to spot dolphins and whales.

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