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Beat the Boredom with These Coach Games

An image of a board game that may be palyed when travelling on a coach.

Whether you’re staying within the confines of your local town or city, or travelling much further afield, having a collection of fun games to play whilst you travel is a sure fire way to beat the tiredness and boredom that can often creep over you as you, before you get to your destination.

Here at Guideline Coaches Ltd, we have put together a list of travel-friendly coach games you can play that won’t weigh your luggage down.

The Chain Game

The classic coach games are often the best. Begin the chain game by choosing a topic everyone is familiar with, i.e animals. Once the topic has been chosen, take it in turns to think of a word to do with that topic as quickly as you can. You may add a time limit to make things more intense. The person that can’t think of any more associated words loses!

Scavenger Hunt

Before you embark on your trip, write down (or print out) a list of items you may see whilst you travel on the coach. As your journey continues, tick off how many items you see. The group or individual with the most items ticked off wins.

Magnetic Games

Driving on bumpy roads may cause traditional board games to topple over, which can be incredibly annoying if you’re exceedingly close to the end of the game. From bingo to chess, you can often find magnetic board games of all kinds that are easy to fold up and transport.

Coach games are a great way to pass the time whilst you travel, but here at Guideline Coaches Ltd, we also know a thing or two about onboard entertainment, which is why we have televisions and DVD players fitted into our high-quality coaches.

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