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Advice for Hiring a Coach or Mini Bus

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If you are planning a trip, choosing suitable transportation is a key part of organising a smooth and comfortable journey. If you are travelling over a long distance, or with a big group, you could be considering hiring a coach or minibus for your trip. If you want to help yourself to feel more prepared, follow our guideline below for organising and booking your private coach trip.

Make Your Itinerary

Before you book your transportation service, there are a few things to prepare so you know you have the chosen the right option for your journey.

1. Distance and mileage

If you know how far you are going and for how long you are staying, you can inform your coach hire service and also calculate what would be the best method of transportation for you. Guideline coaches also offer a mileage calculator and a booking quote form that you can use to work out the best coach available to you.

2. Passengers

How many passengers are travelling will be a big factor in deciding if you need a large luxury coach or a minibus. If you are travelling for a professional trip with your business, for example, then you might consider all travelling on an executive coach. If you have a smaller group for a club or society, then considering a midi coach or a minibus might have more benefits than hiring a full-size coach.

3. Your Needs on Your Trip

If you are travelling a long distance, or want to entertain, hiring an executive coach might be a good idea to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Guideline Coaches luxury corporate coaches come equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, and DVD and Sky television services with viewing screens. There is also wifi connectivity and a WC washroom so those travelling can do work, answer emails and freshen up all from within the coach!

4.Itinerary and Budget of Journey

It is best practice to send the coach hire company your itinerary and budget for your trip so they can help you decide on the best method of transport for you. If you are staying somewhere overnight, for example, you may need to arrange transport back for another day. Or, if you are travelling over a long distance, a coach with more facilities might be required. If your passengers will have a lot of luggage, you will need to choose something with plenty of storage so that you can have a comfortable journey!

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If you are in the Kent or South London areas, Guideline Coaches offer a range of different coaches and minibuses perfect for your trip. To get started planning your coach hire, fill in our booking quote form here, or find the rest of our contact details here.

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